Leading French lubricants company Motul and renowned gear set manufacturer Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) have signed an agreement to embark on a worldwide technical partnership. This arrangement will see the two companies work closely together and combines their expertise and knowledge – particularly when carrying out research and development – to jointly enhance the performance and capabilities of their respective products.

With lubricants being the most crucial factor in the reliability and performance of transmissions, Motul – with its 160 years of experience in the field of lubrication – becomes the ideal technical partner for the development of PPG’s motorsports products. The association also works the other way, by allowing Motul to test and improve its products as PPG puts its gear sets through the most demanding of conditions.

The partnership will also provide opportunity for the two companies to develop their product ranges, especially in the case of high-power/high-torque applications. As a result, drivers of competition and high performance vehicles will be able to experience first-hand the benefits of this partnership – in terms of performance and reliability – when they use Motul products in transmissions fitted with PPG gear sets.

Prior to the formation of this partnership, Motul and PPG already share the same vision and philosophies, as each possesses a no-compromise attitude when it comes to manufacturing and innovation. This strong synergy promoted further discussions and subsequently, this worldwide, mutually beneficial partnership was established.

In fact, there was already common ground between both brands, as Motul has been the preferred lubricants supplier for the Nissan GT-R for many years, whilst PPG is now the recognised leader for the supply of high-performance upgrade kits for the same car.

“We have recommended Motul oil in our gearboxes ever since we first used it,” explained PPG Operations Director Mr. David Gammon. “Because of the way Motul products perform, they complement the durability and low-wear rate qualities of our gear sets. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the two companies to work together.”

Likewise, Chief Technology Officer for Motul Asia Pacific Dr. Katsuya Arai sees this partnership as a significant step for both companies: “We are able to identify with the way in which PPG approaches their technical development, manufacturing and quality control operations. We look forward to working together with them and enjoying a mutually productive and successful relationship.”


Brabus endorses Motul products

You’ve certainly heard of Brabus: the German tuner/ manufacturer which is the great specialist of the star brand and which customises/overhauls the market’s most powerful racing cars. Using a Mercedes CLS base, the recent Brabus Rocket 800 indeed has 800 hp under its bonnet and reaches a peak speed of over 370 km/h…

It was certainly quite logical for Motul to form links with this highly competitive company, and this has just been done through a cooperation agreement.
Motul and Brabus indeed share several characteristics and corporate values like a premium image and the constant quest for innovations and performance.

Also, both brands have an international presence which they are seeking to strengthen, especially in countries in the full swing of development such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.
The agreement between the two brands sets forth in particular Motul’s presence throughout the Brabus network, as well as tests performed on Europe’s most advanced test benches.

‘Lubricants plays a particularly important role for our for our clients, quality and reliability are a priority. We wish to pursue our development at the highest possible level, and that’s exactly what a partner like Motul contributes to’ adds Bodo Buschmann, manager of Brabus.

Subaru STi hard at work

Subaru’s official team, Subaru Tecnica International (STI) spent part of the weekend of 18 February at the Fuji Speedway, for a tests session devoted to the cars of its twin programme: the 24 Hours of Nürburgring and the Super GT Championship 2012.

In Nürburgring, STI won in 2011 in its category and intends to do that again with the modified WRX.  According to Hideru Tatsumi, team manager, ‘Last year, many people thought we won by pure luck.  We must prove the contrary by winning again!’. The team and drivers Toshihiro Yoshida and Kouta Sasaki  have worked a lot on the weight and centre of gravity of the car, one of the strong points of Subarus, thanks to their boxer engine.

The car will take part at the Nürburgring VLN race before the 24 Hours on 17-20 May.

Motul launches latest evolution of the 300V Range

Worldwide expert in the field of high-tech competition lubricants, Motul announces the latest evolution of its 300V range of products. The launch by the French company, which has a presence in over 80 countries worldwide, will take place globally (except in Asia) on November 15th at the Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne, Germany and on December 6th in Asia. 

more details to follow…

Intercontinental Le Mans Cup

Labre Compeitition bags the LM GTE AM title!

After the 12 Hours of Sebring in March, the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup (ILMC) roadshow was back last weekend on American turf for the penultimate event of the 2011 schedule: the Petit Le Mans famous endurance race (1000 miles), held at the Road Atlanta track since 1998.
With a marvellous field of no less than 58 cars including 25 competing for the ILMC (the rest being for the American Le Mans Series, ALMS), it was obvious that the performances would make it a superb 14th edition.

Even if the spotlights were turned on the truly enthraling LMP1 duel between the Peugeot 908s and the Audi R18s, the other categories also gave the public a good time.

In LM GTE Pro, there was a magnificent race-long battle once more for the final result only becoming clear on the last lap.  The Ferrari pilotted by Fisichella-Bruni-Kaffer won the class by a marginal 6.6s.

In LM GTE Am, battling with the Krohn Racing Ferrari, Labre Competition Corvette C6.R supported techically by Motul finished second.  After pulling off an almost perfect season, marked, it should be remembered, by a class win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the team managed by Jack Leconte clinched the first and last LM GTE Am championship title.  A first? No, it was the thirteenth in 10 years for the French team whose national and international record of achievements can make contending teams stand in awe!  From a Porsche to a Dodge, without forgetting Ferraris, Aston Martins, Saleens and now a Corvette, the French team no longer needs to prove its know-how in the GT realm.  Next year however, they are poised to take up a new challenge by entering two Corvette C6-Rs in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Nismo Competition Oil [ Recommended oil for the Nissan GT-R(R35) ]

[Original development concept]

  • Type 2189E (75W140) delivers the same dynamic viscosity as a 190 grade oil while providing a base grade of 75W. It is an ester compound, 100% synthetic oil, with outstanding low temperature properties.
  • An oil with a viscosity (or hyper-viscosity) of 190 has greater resistance to stirring and this raises oil temperatures. But at the same time, without hyper-viscosity, the maintaining of film strength at high temperatures is impossible.
  • The basic development concept for Type 2189E (75W190) Competition Motor Oil was to keep the benefits of hyper-viscosity while seeking to diminish resistance to stirring.

* How about a 250 grade oil?
Generally, 250 grade oil achieves hyper-viscosity through the use of additives. Once it is run at high temperatures exceeding 150℃, this viscosity will decrease. After the first temperature peak and cool-down, its actual dynamic viscosity will have fallen to a 140 grade and continue to be so. This is why NISMO and MOTUL chose not to use 250 grade oil.

[Superior dynamic viscosity]

  • Because this oil’s internal friction does not vary greatly with changes in temperature, LSD operation will remain stable. Even when racing, the driver should feel no change in performance. 75W140 Competition Oil has also shown excellent plate anti-judder properties.
  • Performance at a NISSAN GT-R(R35) road test carried out by NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd on the Nurburgring track clearly demonstrated the stabilizing effect of 75W140 Competition Oil on LSD operation. Drivers reported specifically that “the chattering of the LSD was reduced”.
  • From the outset of their development of Competition Motor Oils, including the original Veruspeed LSD Oil (no longer marketed), NISMO and MOTUL have run both test course and racing circuit tests on their samples, using current benchmark oils as controls. In order to check for stick-slip chattering, sample oils were brought up to 150℃ where their lubrication properties are lost. *1
  • NISMO and MOTUL have modeled their evaluation tests to recreate every aspect of the high-load environment in which the oil will be used. In one test series, lubricant testing equipment borrowed from the iron manufacturing business was used to evaluate lubrication properties at temperatures up to 230℃. This extreme testing method opened the way to achieving greater stability for dynamic viscosity (μ). Not only were development targets reached but a rich fund of information for future development was accumulated. *2
  • Starting with 100% synthetic oil, MOTUL uses its know-how in mixing esters and nitrogen additives. The result is an oil whose viscosity rivals 190 grade oil while retaining excellent flow at cold-start. Its dynamic viscosity is superlative for stable performance.

*1 Testing follows NISMO standards.
*2 Oil temperatures are brought up to approximately 200℃ in actual vehicle testing, but automotive lubricating oil bench tests in the laboratory do not measure temperatures above 150℃.

[ Recommended oil for the Nissan GT-R(R35) ]

  • Because Type 2189E (75W140) is the oil recommended by Nissan Motor Company for the Nissan GT-R (R35), its usage is covered by the Nissan GT-R (R35) warranty.
  • Please change your motor oil after 3,000 kilometers of high performance driving or 10,000 kilometers of normal road use. When using this oil, LSD efficiency will be greatly increased (with especially good high-speed performance), but there will also be greater wear on the LSD’s internal clutch plates. Please be aware of this before purchase.

For more information please visit the NISMO Competition Oil Site:

Team Weider Honda Racing finishes on podium

The 6th round of the Super GT Championship was held on 11 September on the superb Fuji Speedway track.  Particularly at ease on Toyota’s ‘home’ circuit, the Lexus did not take long to demonstrate their potential.  After flying through the qualification heats, the Lexus SC430′s quite simply monopolized the top five places on the starting grid.

In the race, despite many sudden developments and battling tactics, it was finally the Lexus of Team Zent Cerumo which won, giving by the same token the first victory of the season to the Toyota group up-market brand.

As for the Motul teams, team Kogure/Duval played their game well.  Currently second in the provisional standings with 52 points, the team can still hope to keep its title.

Behind, we find in 6th position the Nissan Motul Autech of Treluyer/Motoyama which was once again penalised by tire tempurature problems. 

Still leading the provisional standings, Yanagida/Quintarelli of team S Road Mola GT-R took 7th place.

In GT300, the Subaru Legacy of team R&D Sport took 6th place.

Stay tuned for more updates

Subaru Rally USA takes back its crown!

After four consecutive years of domination by its star driver Travis Pastrana in the Rally America National Championship, team Subaru Rally USA, for which MOTUL is an historic technical partner, failed to win a fifth crown…in 2010

Since the second weekend in July 2011 and the New England Rally, the sixth and final round of the 2011 season, the duo of Higgins-Drew has made up for this anomaly! Indeed, by finishing second in the last event of the 2011 season, an event during which the duo satisfied themselves with sticking to the pace of their rivals and former champions L’Estage/Richard. The Subaru Impreza WRX concluded a fine season with 3 wins and 2 second places!

There were however many questions at the beginning of the season: very high quality competition, a new team-mate, a new car and many rallies to be rediscovered…

This new title is the 9th for MOTUL! As well special notice should also be made of the solid performance by the Scion of Comrie-Picard/Wimpey, 2nd of the two-
wheel drive category and 6th of the overall standings. Despite many problems, the motivation of the young team Sparco Rally xD (for which MOTUL is a technical partner) and the solidity of the Scion xD mean that 2011 has finished on a great note and 2012 should be even better.

24 Hours of Le Mans 2011 – Two class wins for MOTUL

Following a FANTASTIC race between the Audi – Peugeot teams, the return of Pescarolo Team, the arrival of Nissan engines in LMP2 and the appearance of Lotus Evoras and Ferrari 458 Italias in GTE Pro, the 79th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans was to be a fine race indeed. The nearly quarter of a million spectators present did not come for nothing: the 2011 edition will go down as an exceptional vintage!

Following the two 24-hour races and despite the sister cars spectacularly leaving the track on occasions, it was in the end the Audi No.2 which won the day by crossing the chequered flag…only 15 seconds ahead of the Peugeot No.8. Benoit Tréluyer (who obtained the pole and driver of Team Motul Autech in SuperGT!), André Lotterer and Marcel Fassler will remain the heroes of this enthralling race.

So close to a miracle…

Still in LMP1, Team Pescarolo also came close to victory. Solidly fifth-placed (ahead of the Peugeot Oreca Matmut No.10) less than three hours from the chequered flag, nothing nor nobody appeared able to prevent Henri Pescarolo’s men from wearing the honorific crown of best petrol team of the class. Unfortunately, the dream which seemed so close came to an end at exactly 12hours & 53minutes. Trapped by fleeting rainfall in the first of the Porsche turns, Emmanuel Collard could not get back on track after violently going off.

A Nissan can hide another one!

In the LMP2 class, the Nissan teams supported technically by Motul clearly showed their supremacy. Indeed, the Oreca 03 of Team Oreca Matmut (Halliday – Prémat – Kraihamer) long set the pace by dominating the class until the early hours when David Halliday made a mistake, trapped by his cold tires.
The penalty was immediate with the disqualification of the Oreca No.48 from the race at 6hours 41minutes. After lying in ambush for several hours, the Zytek Nissan No.41 of team Greaves Motorsport (Ojjeh – Lombard – Kimber Smith) then demonstrated that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is the prime rule in Endurance Racing by taking a really merited class victory.

Faultless performance for Larbre Compétition

After its win in 2010 in the GT1 class, the team managed by Jack Leconte once again shone in the Sarthe. At the wheel of the Corvette C6-R, the trio Bornhauser – Canal – Gardel will go down in history as the first team to have won the brand new class GTE Am reserved for teams comprising at least one amateur driver. This team finished just ahead of the Porsche No.70, also entered by Team Larbre Compétition and driven brilliantly by the team Belloc – Bourret – Gibon.

Now that the 24 Hours of Le Mans is over, the next meeting is at Imola on 1, 2 and 3 July for the fourth round of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

Photo Credit: David Reygondeau

Nismo approved MOTUL Oils – coming Summer 2011

The much anticipated Nismo approved oils are due to arrive this summer, featuring 3 grades of competition oils (0W30 – 5W40 – 15W50) and a racing gear oil (75W140).

These Nismo approved products were designed specifically for the GT-R and high performance Nissan cars, utilizing Motul’s ester base technology.

Coming to an authorized Motul dealer near you.