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  • BRAKE CLEAN Contact Cleaner
  • Super powerful non-chlorinated degreaser for brakes
  • Mechanical system and electrics
  • Spray

Type of Use

  • Brakes and clutches
    • Brake and clutch pad residue.
  • All mechanical parts and systems
    • Engine dismantling, levers, axes of brake, clutch mechanisms and shock absorbers, chain stops and adjusters, felloes, oil, grease, tar residue...
  • Electrical circuits
    • Electrics, plugs, suppressors...
  • Plastics, paintwork, varnish
    • Grand Prix and Superbike teams also use MOTUL BRAKE CLEANER to swiftly remove, rubber and tar residue on the fairing.
    • Since MOTUL BRAKE CLEANER is very powerful, it is more advisable to test prior to use (on a hidden little area) before using it on plastical material, paintings and varnishes.
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  • Dissolves oil, grease and tar. Leaves no marks. No need to rub.
  • Evaporates very quickly leaving no marks.


  • Shake before use.
  • Spray from a short distance on the areas to be cleaned.
  • Respray on very dirty areas. Evaporates very quickly.


  • Refer to the information mentioned on the label and the MSDS sheet.