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24 Hours of Le Mans 2011 – Two class wins for MOTUL

Following a FANTASTIC race between the Audi – Peugeot teams, the return of Pescarolo Team, the arrival of Nissan engines in LMP2 and the appearance of Lotus Evoras and Ferrari 458 Italias in GTE Pro, the 79th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans was to be a fine race indeed. The nearly quarter of a million spectators present did not come for nothing: the 2011 edition will go down as an exceptional vintage!

Following the two 24-hour races and despite the sister cars spectacularly leaving the track on occasions, it was in the end the Audi No.2 which won the day by crossing the chequered flag…only 15 seconds ahead of the Peugeot No.8. Benoit Tréluyer (who obtained the pole and driver of Team Motul Autech in SuperGT!), André Lotterer and Marcel Fassler will remain the heroes of this enthralling race.

So close to a miracle…

Still in LMP1, Team Pescarolo also came close to victory. Solidly fifth-placed (ahead of the Peugeot Oreca Matmut No.10) less than three hours from the chequered flag, nothing nor nobody appeared able to prevent Henri Pescarolo’s men from wearing the honorific crown of best petrol team of the class. Unfortunately, the dream which seemed so close came to an end at exactly 12hours & 53minutes. Trapped by fleeting rainfall in the first of the Porsche turns, Emmanuel Collard could not get back on track after violently going off.

A Nissan can hide another one!

In the LMP2 class, the Nissan teams supported technically by Motul clearly showed their supremacy. Indeed, the Oreca 03 of Team Oreca Matmut (Halliday – Prémat – Kraihamer) long set the pace by dominating the class until the early hours when David Halliday made a mistake, trapped by his cold tires.
The penalty was immediate with the disqualification of the Oreca No.48 from the race at 6hours 41minutes. After lying in ambush for several hours, the Zytek Nissan No.41 of team Greaves Motorsport (Ojjeh – Lombard – Kimber Smith) then demonstrated that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is the prime rule in Endurance Racing by taking a really merited class victory.

Faultless performance for Larbre Compétition

After its win in 2010 in the GT1 class, the team managed by Jack Leconte once again shone in the Sarthe. At the wheel of the Corvette C6-R, the trio Bornhauser – Canal – Gardel will go down in history as the first team to have won the brand new class GTE Am reserved for teams comprising at least one amateur driver. This team finished just ahead of the Porsche No.70, also entered by Team Larbre Compétition and driven brilliantly by the team Belloc – Bourret – Gibon.

Now that the 24 Hours of Le Mans is over, the next meeting is at Imola on 1, 2 and 3 July for the fourth round of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

Photo Credit: David Reygondeau

New MOTUL Engine Oils – Summer 2011

Motul is continuously producing superior quality lubricants by turning its technological innovations into actual products for the automotive world.

For the Summer of 2011 Motul has some more new products that will soon be available:

8100 Eco-clean 0W-30

  • Gasoline & Diesel engine lubricant 100% Synthetic
  • High performance 100% synthetic Fuel Economy Engine Oil specially designed for OEMs requiring a low friction, low HTHS (< 3.5 mPa.s) viscosity and “Mid SAPS” oil with reduced content of sulfated ash (≤ 0.8%), phosphorus (0.07 ≤ x ≤ 0.09%) and sulfur (≤ 0.3%). Suitable for the latest generation of Gasoline and Diesel engines, EURO IV and EURO V emission regulation compliant, requiring a “Fuel Economy” lubricant : ACEA C2 standard. Compatible with catalytic converters and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).
  • Environment friendly, this type of oil allows fuel consumption reduction and therefore minimises green house gases (CO2) emissions.

8100 X-max 0W40

  • High power Gasoline and Diesel engine oil 100% Synthetic
  • High performance 100% synthetic lubricant specially designed for last generation cars, powered by powerful Gasoline or turbo Diesel direct injection engines. Recommended for high output engines requiring a lubricant with high HTHS (> 3.5 mPa.s) viscosity and “Mid SAPS” with reduced content of sulfated ash (≤ 0.8%), phosphorus (0.07 ≤ x ≤ 0.09%) and sulphur (≤ 0.3%).
  • Compatible with catalytic converters and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). Suitable also for any type of fuels, unleaded or leaded Gasoline, Diesel and LPG.
  • Specially developed in order to meet the most recent FORD technical requirements when a lubricant satisfying FORD WSS M2C 937 A is required. The FORD “937 A” specification requires an extra high oil film resistance for the lubricant to guarantee the viscosity capability over the whole oil drain interval even in severe and extreme conditions (sustained and sport driving,…).
  • The FORD WSS M2C 937A standard is required for all FORD Focus RS 2.5L Turbo vehicles from MY2008.