Technical Info

Tech Info - Engine Oils

Engine Oils

MOTUL lubricants protect your engine throughout its life cycle in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer and the various existing standards such as API, which sets limits on emissions. Other standards: ACEA, EURO, JASO, NMMA FC-W…
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Tech Info - Gear Oils

Gear Oils

Lubricants used for gearboxes (manual or automatic) and the rear differential in your vehicle are different from those used for the engine. Transmission Lubricants are required to last several years and for some models may even be for the lifetime of the vehicle. Transmission lubricant must be chosen in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer of your vehicle.
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Tech Info - Maintenance

Maintenance Products

MOTUL has developed a complete line of cleaning products designed to clean and protect all elements of your vehicle. From the Fuel System to the Engine as well as for the other components of your vehicle.
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Tech Info - Motorsport Range

Motorsport Range Lubricants

MOTUL has a full line of Motorsport products including:
Motul 300V motor oil is a 100% synthetic formulation specifically designed for motorsports use. Its Double Ester Technology increases engine power and reliability.

MOTUL 100% synthetic gear lubricant based on Ester-Technology for all mechanical transmission of high performances and racing cars. For synchronized or not synchronized gearboxes, gearbox/differential, transfer gearboxes and hypoid differentials with limited slip systems operating under extreme pressure and shock.

MOTUL Racing Brake Fluid with very high performance wet and dry boiling points for hydraulic brakes and clutches. Developed to resist high temperatures and wet-weather conditions This ensures effective braking under extreme racing or rainy conditions. Couple this with its outstanding anti-vapor lock performance, RBF 660 & RBF600 have become a well-trusted brake fluid in many races.
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