Today's benchmark is red.

The technological benchmark in the field of lubricants for Motul's driving force is its development of high quality lubricants. Striving for excellence in its products, Motul bases its creations on advanced technology.

With the development of each new formulation in its laboratory in France, products like the legendary 300V to the biodegradable Synthetic products, the diversity and quality sets the standard in high quality lubrication.

The synthesis of outstanding oil

The reputation of Motul products is essentially based on the mastery of its technology in ester-based synthetic oils.

Esters, as vegetable-based components, offer incomparable lubricating properties. As the pioneer of the introduction of these products into the automotive industry, then to Motorbikes and watercraft. Motul continues to upgrade its formulas to keep steps ahead of mechanical constraints on the modern engines.

From red to green, a full product range

Motul, specialized in high-tech lubricants offers a wide range of products geared to all types of use from car engines to tempering oil, hydraulic oils, racing oils for the Suzuki Super bike, to the latest generation of super clean diesel engines. Motul meets all the technology challenges of lubrication, and then someā€¦ With the offerings of our Motul Care System, Motul offers products that keep the internals of the engine clean, for a greener environment.

Trusted by champions

Not marketing hype, Motul's exceptional standards and expertise have enabled Motul to develop technical partnerships with the most prestigious constructors in the world; (BMW, Porsche, Subaru, Yamaha, Suzuki)

Our proving ground is the race track, our legendary 300V or Grand Prix 2T, have been part of over 150 championship wins.