7100 10W40 4T
7100 10W40 4T

7100 10W40 4T

PART NUMBER: 104091, 104092
  • High Performance Motorcycle Lubricant
  • Excellent for stop and go city riding


  • Suitable for any type of high performance motorcycle with 4-stroke engine, with or without integrated gearbox, wet or dry clutch. Perfect for motorcycles with exhaust after-treatment systems such as catalytic converters or secondary air injection. Designed for severe conditions in sport and adventure riding.
  • Other applications: ATVs, UTVs, SxS, personal watercraft (PWC) or snowmobiles depending on manufacturer’s viscosity recommendation.


    • STANDARDS: API SP, JASO MA2 (2023) No. M033MOT212
    • Synthetic base oil with an exclusive Ester technology in combination with an innovative package of anti-wear additives provides for:
      • minimized internal engine friction losses and improved overall performance
      • stronger oil film resistance at high temperatures and high speeds
      • improved shear strength and thus excellent gearbox protection over the entire oil drain interval.
    • Optimized phosphorus and sulfur content for best catalyst operating conditions.
    • Specially formulated for for sharp engine response, increased clutch grip / improved shifting, high temperature resistance and protection.