Classic SAE 30

Classic SAE 30

  • High performance lubricant


  • Mineral monograde lubricant especially formulated for Classic Gasoline or Diesel 4 Stroke engines and gearboxes built before 1950.
  • Specially designed for Ancestor, Veteran, Vintage, Prewar and Classic vehicles requiring a SAE 30 viscosity grade lubricant.
  • Modern version of classic monograde engine oil to perfectly suit requirement of climate conditions.
  • Easier start-ups for vehicles that are stored for long period of time.
  • Can also be used as break-in oil.


  • MOTUL CLASSIC SAE 30 is a modern technology lubricant specially developed for old engines design and formulated with a high-Zinc level (ZDDP content above 1800 ppm) to provide the best anti-wear protection for your classic engine (genuine or rebuilt).
  • Mineral monograde lubricant with very low detergent level in order to be harmless with paper, felt and fabric gaskets from that period.
  • The low detergent level avoids soot and deposits removals in the lubricating circuit.
  • Compatible with “yellow” nonferrous metals as brass, bronze and copper.
  • Developed in the right viscosity grade to avoid oil leakages in classic vehicles and to maintain a consistent oil pressure and to reduce oil consumption.
  • Can be used as break-in oil if drain intervals are shortened.
  • Reinforced adherence for easier start even after a long period of immobilization.