Scooter Power 2T Ester

Scooter Power 2T Ester

  • Lubricant for High Performance 2 Stroke engine
  • Direct injection 2 Stroke engines
  • 100% Synthetic - Esters - Anti-Smoke


    • All sports and high performance scooters, replica, sporty and urban, fitted with 2 Stroke engines, direct injection or conventional carburetor.
    • Can be used with oil injection systems or in premix.
    • Suitable for all type of Gasoline fuels, leaded or unleaded, biofuels.
    • Compatible with catalytic converters.


      • API TC
      • ISO-L-EGD


      • JASO FD under N° 033MOT072


      100% Synthetic – Esters based lubricant especially developed for powerful scooter 2 Stroke engines running at high rpm and high load.

      Very high oil film resistance for maximum anti-wear protection.
      Reduces engine internal frictions and improves performance.
      Avoid deposits and ensure engine cleanliness on all internal parts: combustion chamber, spark plug, piston top, ring grooves, exhaust port, exhaust pipe...etc.
      Anti-smoke properties.